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Cancellation policy

Our product is not eligible for cancellation. Once subscribed, the package can not be canceled.

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No Return or refund is provided once a package is subscribed.

Terms and Conditions

Generate and manage more leads with our Customer Relationship Management application which enables your sales team to automate the process or workflow, by saving more time. Provided with three roles this application makes the sales process easy to use and manage.

-- Superadmin

Superadmin has the authority to register the admin and monitor the performance of the admin. Superadmin can track the activities performed by admin including the number of users they registered, the number of campaigns they created, the number of leads they added, etc.

-- Admin

Admin is the one who will be responsible for registering the users, creating campaigns, adding leads, and allotting those leads to various users. With this, Admin can track the performance of all the users registered by him including the details of leads managed by them and many more.

-- User

Users will be able to manage the leads allotted to them. They can call the leads with just one click and then they are provided with an update form for filling the call response. Users will be provided with plenty of features like adding leads, transferring leads to some other user, send reminders, follow-up history, performance reports, and whatnot.